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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Work again :)

Haiiiiiii readers 
Since Tuesday I started my tuition FREE week ady :p
But there is one assignment waiting for me to pass it up on this Friday
The good news is, I DONE it! 
I haven't type it into google documents only. HEHEHE

Last week, Opi De Beaute organised a roadshow in Imperial Mall
& I, worked as a promoter with my babe Belinda :D
I'm the member of Opi De Beaute too :p
The staff helped us to make up every morning.
 First Day. I love this make up!<3

 First day with Belinda :)))

I worked for two days only. Friday & Sunday.
But I not really love the make up on Sunday. :s

Not really love this kind of make up
because usually I don't wear any make up. :s
but still wanna thanks to the staff, Erica! :)

Next week is tuition free week!!
But someone offered me to work again! :D
Guess what?
Will update soon & tell you what job is that.
Keep it as a secret first. HAHAHA 
Stay tuned. :p

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