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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Work again :)

Haiiiiiii readers 
Since Tuesday I started my tuition FREE week ady :p
But there is one assignment waiting for me to pass it up on this Friday
The good news is, I DONE it! 
I haven't type it into google documents only. HEHEHE

Last week, Opi De Beaute organised a roadshow in Imperial Mall
& I, worked as a promoter with my babe Belinda :D
I'm the member of Opi De Beaute too :p
The staff helped us to make up every morning.
 First Day. I love this make up!<3

 First day with Belinda :)))

I worked for two days only. Friday & Sunday.
But I not really love the make up on Sunday. :s

Not really love this kind of make up
because usually I don't wear any make up. :s
but still wanna thanks to the staff, Erica! :)

Next week is tuition free week!!
But someone offered me to work again! :D
Guess what?
Will update soon & tell you what job is that.
Keep it as a secret first. HAHAHA 
Stay tuned. :p

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A fat girl in Brunei yesterday :p

Why am I saying myself a fat girl?
because this is the TRUTH -________-
I gained weight since I back from Hong Kong
Ate too much food and kept on craving of supper those few days
I think supper is the main factor -.-
I tried to lose weight since uni reopen 
But I think I failed to do so :<
A few hours ago, I just ate two small bars of chocolate!
 Because of assignment! 
While I doing assignment or studying, 
i will start craving for some food although I am not hungry at all :/
 Hate this habit damn much.
So my friends, don't too shock when u meet me
I'm really getting fatter & fatter
Fat like a pig. *Oink oink ;p

Yesterday i went to Brunei again!
For what? 
To meet my baby ! <3
but actually i need to fetch my mum at Brunei's airport
She just back from Canberra, Australia
She went there with my two aunties & visited her relatives.
 And yesterday baby & I went to eat excapade sushi again !
I think i ate excapade sushi for 3 times in this month!
& my baby brought me to visit the Empire Hotel!
Kinda big! 

 *baby in Empire Hotel <3

*Took this photo in Empire Hotel as well. Ignore my tired face :p

My mum bought a lot of chocolates & some clothes for me & baby!
And she bought another giordano's shirt for me again! *unexpected :o
She bought the blue one for me. 
I didn't ask her to buy for me too. Really surprised HAHA
Well, now i got 3 giordano's shirts with 3 different colours. 

My baby also got souvenirs from my mum :p
My mum bought a t shirt with some Australia's logo something HAHA
And bought him some chocolates & also key chain.
My baby felt happy to receive those souvenirs. HAHA
 Oh nooo, is time to sleep
I almost done my assignment 
Tomorrow gonna continue it again.
Good night readers! :)


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Assignment I do hate u a lot. :(

I started my uni life again since 3 weeks ago. 
What's back to my life?
I hope there are no any assignment for me 
but it is impossibleeeee D:
 What i need to do is just study hard,
work hard for assignment :'(

 *Big eye small eye.

My baby went to Brunei since last week
He went there to work
I can't describe how much I miss him recently.
Just hope that he can do well in his work.
Luckily he got the package from his friend
so that he can keep in touch with me :p

Friday, 2 March 2012

Post for February :p

Hello readers! I didn't updated my blog for one month :/
Sorry about that :P
Now i gonna tell all of you that what I did in February HEHE

First, Chinese New Year.
My babes & friends came my house during CNY.
But I forgot to take photo with them D:
Nvm! As long I enjoyed the moment with them <3

Second,I had vacation with my boy & his family :D
 We went to Aqua World in KLCC, Beryl's chocolate shop, coffee town, i-city & etc in KL. 
I never been those places before in KL!
I only used to go shopping centres for shopping HAHAHA

In HK, we went to Ocean Park, Disneyland & etc.
This was the second time I went to Hong Kong,
but i still enjoyed everything! :D
I kinda love the weather in Hong Kong
Natural air conditioner HAHAHA
but the only thing that annoyed me was,
I really felt too cold when I bath in the early morning

Too many memorable photos to upload :D
If you guys wanna view more photos, 
you are welcome to view it in my facebook. :p
Unforgettable trip with him

Friday, 27 January 2012

CNY-ing :D

Hello ! Today is CHU 5!
 Kinda fasttttt :))
Today I gonna upload some photos,
because I just connected my phone to my lappy
I always feel lazy to copy photos into lappy. 
Satu kali copy gao gao. HAHAHAHA :P
I wore cheongsam on the first day of cny :D
I didn't wear cheongsam for 10 years, i think :p
I love this cheongsam, but the only problem is.......
My stomach very very very BIG -______-
Hate it @@
Keep fit keep fit pleaseeee ><
Second day of cny :)
Third day of cny HAHA
We went to Bel's house.
& took photo with abang besar MonMon Chieng & also Bel :)
Red dress on third day :))
How about forth day?
I didn't take any photos :p
This photo was took on the third day :D 
Today is the fifth day but I am lazy to take photo of myself.
Maybe i will take it tonight
stay tuned :p

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

First post of 2012 & Nian Chu 3 :D

Heyyy! Happy New Year & Happy Chinese New Year!
This is my first post in 2012 !
I kinda busy with my works last few weeks 
so now just update my blogggg :D
I love my work so muchhhhhh
Worked as Shandy's promoter
Errr, nope. Was Shandy's sampler. :))
Just need to give customers to try the new flavour of Shandy :)
So relaxxxx :D
Money come come HAHAHAHA!!
How's your cny?
I gained weight in cny ._____.
My stomach getting bigger & bigger. WTH. @@
Wanna keep fit after cny 
but next week I gonna go HK & KL with my baby & his family.
I gonna stop this post
Lazy to connect my phone to this lappy. :p

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Is time to work :)

Halo readers!
I gonna start my work with my partner, Michelle. :)
DiGi DiGi!
But this time I am not a promoter in roadshow.
I need to work from Monday until Friday, office hours! 
Sounds like I am a office lady. *HAHAHA
Guess what?
This time I gonna promote about DiGi Business Plan. :D
What is DiGi Business Plan?
Hmm, it's like a plan for a company.
The employees in the company can subscribe for business plan
and enjoy free voice calls among employees
besides that,
they can get a free phone!  *those phones not bad!!
They can also buy smartphones with lower price.
Oh ya, iPhone 4s also available for DiGi Business Plan :)
It is also available for pre-order.
Anyone interest on DiGi Business Plan or any smartphones
just leave a message below or chatbox.

I just bought a cute hello kitty casing for myself.
Cuteeeee <3 

**Sorry about that I didn't upload others photo in this blog,
because I am lazy to take photo recently. :p